Châtel's Bus Services:



Free Buses:


Chatel has a very useful and efficient free bus service during the winter season that runs from the 21st December. There are brightly coloured and easy to spot signs at bus stops at regular intervals throughout the area. Buses run every 15 to 30 minutes on the busier routes and to a timetable on the quieter ones. The buses normally run from 8.30am (8am in the February French school holidays) until the slopes close later in the day. Evening services are limited, details below. (Note: a bus will run from the church square to Linga / Pre-La-Joux from 14th Dec to 20th Dec)


Route A: Church/Linga / Pré-la-Joux. Every 20 minutes.


Route C: Petit-Châtel / Freinets/Linga. Every 20 minutes. (Back to the village by Linga road).


Route D: Les Grandes Mouilles. Every 30 minutes.


Route E: Béchigne / Jardy / Linga Every 15 minutes. Connection possible with the La Chapelle d'Abondance shuttle.


Route F: Le Boude. Runs to timetable morning and afternoon with a break at lunchtime.


Route G: Le Roitet. Runs to timetable morning and afternoon with a break at lunchtime.


Route I: Vonnes / Every 30 minutes. Connection possible with the Morgins ski bus


For a map of the above routes - visit the Chatel Bus website by clicking here.



Bus To Morgins:

2 morning buses run from Chatel to Morgins in Switzerland and 2 in the afternoon. Details can be found on the Chatel tourist office website by clicking here.



Valley Buses:

The Colombus runs all along the Abondance valley between Chevenoz and Chatel and is a cheap way of getting to the smaller ski areas of Chapelle d'Abondance and Abondance. A ride is only 1.5 euros (0.75 for kids up to 10).

Timetables for the winter 2013/14 season can be found here.



Aigle To Chatel:

On certain Saturday's of the ski season, a bus runs from the train station at Aigle to Chatel, Chapelle and Abondance. Details and prices can be found at the Buski website:



The Little Train: On Tuesday's and Thursdays's the Little Train runs from the church square. Its 3 euros for adults and 1.5 euros for kids less than 12 and just 1 euro for those under 5. Its a fun way of seeing Chatel!

Guided tours are also available. Booking can be made at the tourist office for the tours.

















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