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The Chatel snow report is usually updated daily during the winter season and sometimes twice daily during snowfalls. During the rest of the year, the Chatel snow report will be less frequent.
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Chatel Snow Report: 26/01/2015: 6.10pm
Snowfall Underway...

Good evening from a snowy Chatel where the very light snow that has fallen for much of the afternoon has started to intensify over the last couple of hours with just shy of 4cm fresh snow measured at 1200m a few minutes ago. At the moment, quantities from this snowfall still look as though they may be in the "possible range" discussed on this morning's snow forecast page, however there is a chance that they may be in the upper most part of that range. We will keep you posted with an update later this evening to see how much has accumulated and an indication of where this snowfall might be headed.

The latest model info this evening continues the theme of potentially 1m of snow falling between now and Sunday at village altitude. This evening and tonights snowfall is just the appetiser dish...


Chatel Snow Report        
Snow covered roads late this afternoon.



Chatel Snow Report: 26/01/2015: 11.50am
Cloudy In Chatel With Snow Flurries...

Good morning from Chatel where it has been cloudy since dawn and we are now seeing some light flurries of snow in the village from time to time, heralding a potentially nice snowfall later today and tonight. Temperatures are currently between -2C and -3C at 1200m.

Good news regarding the 2 new chairlifts connecting Super Chatel with Linga, as these may open as early as tomorrow or Wednesday with the official inauguration scheduled for Saturday. By Saturday, we may have seen some heavy snowfalls - details on this morning's snow forecast page.


Chatel Snow Report        
Snowy trees towards Pas de Morgins.



































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