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The Chatel snow report is usually updated daily during the winter season and sometimes twice daily during snowfalls. During the rest of the year, the Chatel snow report will be less frequent.
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Chatel Snow Report: 13/01/2015: 5.15pm
Windy Higher Up Today / ABS Recall...

It has been a mostly sunny day today here in Chatel with fairly mild temperatures and a noticeable wind, especially higher up. This afternoon, the pistes on Linga and Pre La Joux were scraped to the icy base in some areas, especially on the steeper sections and some areas were also being scoured by the wind (eg at the top of the Linga red). It looks like it was certainly a case of the early risers getting the best of the conditions this morning after the overnight piste grooming. Conditions in general this afternoon could probably be described as being just about OK, with some unpleasant bits but also still some fun bits too. Considering the limited areas open in the resort, compared to what would normally be expected during the middle of January, the pistes were generally not too busy this afternoon - but perhaps busier than a normal January Tuesday.
After the disappointment of last weekends snowfall "non-event", it would be nice to see tonight and tomorrows potentially light snowfall deliver more cm's than forecast and there is a chance of this as the latest precipitation models do suggest a bit more - but we shall see! Beyond tomorrow, we still have a mild and Foehn wind day to endure on Thursday before winter potentially returns during the day on Friday, which will of course be discussed in greater detail in tomorrow morning's daily snow forecast.

Important note: Those who have ABS airbags should check to see if they are affected by a recall - see the ABS Recall Page.


Chatel Snow Report   Chatel Snow Report   Chatel Snow Report
Not too busy this afternoon.
Afternoon pistes OK in some areas.


Chatel Snow Report        
Wind scouring higher up.




































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